La Commission scolaire de langue française is an Acadian and Francophone collectivity that offers quality education to its students in a friendly and safe environment and that strives to promote and develop its language and culture.

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February 26, 2018

Professional development continues at the French-language school board

Teaching staff at the Commission scolaire de langue française (CSLF) – PEI’s French-language school board – will participate in their sixth professional development day of the school year on March 5th. Five training sessions will be on the program.

One session will deal with language development throughout the school day. The session will be held at Rustico’s École Saint-Augustin and will be facilitated by Annie Jolicoeur, Anne-Marie Rioux and Nathalie Bourque-Mol. The session is intended for teaching staff of kindergarten to grade 3.

Another session will help high school teaching staff assess transdisciplinary competencies. These include attitudes, abilities and knowledge above and beyond literacy and numeracy – for instance, mastery of technology, critical thinking, appropriation of Acadian culture and the French language, creativity and innovation, communication, and citizenship. Facilitated by Sandra Herbst, the session will be held at Summerside’s Credit Union Place.

The other sessions will focus on numeracy through the link between conceptual comprehension and procedural fluidity, problem resolution and evaluation harmonisation, and planning a persuasive unit of study. They will be held in English – two in Kensington and the other in Summerside.

Since the quality of education provided in the six schools under the CSLF depend first and foremost on the knowledge and know-how of its teaching staff, the CSLF considers professional development as a critical investment. As Superintendent Anne Bernard-Bourgeois explains, “our students’ success relies heavily on our teaching staff’s competence, so this is why their professional development is a priority”. For the Director of Education, Paul Cyr, the teaching staff takes full advantage of the days and sessions organised for them by various partners to improve their skills and knowledge: “One of the key benefits of these gatherings is their ability to learn and share best practices collectively. This adds significantly to the benefits of professional development and to the CSLF’s students learning.”


For additional informatoin: Daniel Bourgeois, Director of Communications (902-854-2975)


January 31, 2018
Press release
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The Commission scolaire de langue française hires first Director of communications and community and cultural affairs

The Commission scolaire de langue française (PEI’s French-language school board) is pleased to announce the establishment of a Director of communications and community and cultural affairs, as well as the hiring of Daniel Bourgeois to that position effective January 29.

The Board established the new position to ensure its communications to the public, promote French-language education, collaborate with volunteer groups in the Acadian and Francophone community, and draft and assess its upcoming strategic plan. The Board’s Chair, Émile Gallant, is proud of the initiative: ‘The CSLF wants to be more present.’ The CSLF appears to be the first minority-language school board in Canada to establish a senior management position to assume the community and cultural mandate awarded by the Supreme Court of Canada by virtue of Charter rights as specified in the landmark Arsenault-Cameron v. Prince Edward Island case in 2000. ‘The CSLF and its six schools are the pillars of the Acadian and Francophone communities of PEI. We contribute to the personal and intellectual development of tomorrow’s leaders, but we also contribute to their identity construction. Without schools, our communities will disappear.’

The Chair is also pleased with the hiring of Daniel Bourgeois as Director. ‘Mr. Bourgeois is well known in the Acadian and Francophone community. His dynamism, devotion, training and experience in communications, strategic planning and community development on PEI will contribute enormously and immediately to the success of the CSLF and its six schools.’

Daniel Bourgeois is a former Executive Director of the Société Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin and La Belle-Alliance and worked for a number of years at the provincial Acadian and Francophone Affairs Secretariat. He was a member of the Boards of Jeunesse Acadienne, La Voix acadienne and the Carrefour de l’Isle-Saint-Jean. He has also contributed to the local Acadian theatre scene. Mr. Bourgeois holds a PhD in political science and a Master’s in public administration.


For more information:
Émile Gallant, Chair, Commission scolaire de langue française: 902-854-2975


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