La Commission scolaire de langue française is an Acadian and Francophone collectivity that offers quality education to its students in a friendly and safe environment and that strives to promote and develop its language and culture.

OurSCHOOL – Provincial School Survey Program, 2017

Schools across PEI are implementing a provincial school survey program called OurSCHOOL.  The program involves surveys for students, teachers and parents.  Surveys will run the first 3 weeks of May.

PEI is partnering with The Learning Bar, an Atlantic Canadian company. The OurSCHOOL Survey is the largest school survey in Canada. For more information on The Learning Bar, visit http://www.thelearningbar.com/.

Results will provide current information about our school and learning, and will help to inform our school goals, identify successes and areas for improvement, inform policies and programs, and share results with parents and the community.

Students will complete the survey during class time. They will be able to provide their views on their experiences at school. (Note: Students may skip any questions they do not feel comfortable answering.)

Parents will be provided with an invitation from their school to complete the survey. They will be able to express their views on their child’s experience at home and at school.

Teachers will be able to express their views on policies and practices in their school.

CSLF-maternelle-textTo download the registration form, click the following link : Formulaire